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Congratulations to the newest UCOP Accessibility Champion Award recipients

The UCOP IT Accessibility Work Group is charged with advocating for accessibility, implementing web accessibility standards and providing accessibility education and training to UCOP staff. Accessibility Champions are UCOP employees nominated by the work group or any UCOP colleague for their demonstrated commitment to ensuring that UCOP websites and digital content are accessible to people with disabilities.

UCOP Accessibility Champions

Congratulations to the following employees:

Michael Wegmann, Bala Balakumar, Roshni Pratap and Karen Rhee worked with ITS to incorporate accessibility testing into the request for proposal and contract renewal processes for systemwide software purchases, enabling UCOP to purchase more accessible products and encourage vendors to improve the accessibility of their products. Many thanks to the accessibility champions on the systemwide Procurement Services team, past and present!

Andy Perkins is the primary content editor for UCOP Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC) web pages and one of the most active content editors on the website. RPAC webpages tend to have very complex content structure and Andy has done a remarkable job of following UC web accessibility guidelines and making sure that his content is useable and easy to understand by all audiences, especially those with disabilities. Andy regularly reaches out to the web team to propose and discuss new ideas in order to improve the structure and usability of his team’s web pages.  Thank you, Andy, for sharing our passion for web accessibility.

Aymen Manai, a developer with the Web Applications Engineering team, and Yiyi Du, an applications programmer with Undergraduate Admissions and Apply UC, have helped to make Apply UC better for accessibility and student applicants with disabilities. Aymen has helped take care of many aspects of accessibility for the front end of the Apply UC application. Yiyi has quickly ramped up on accessibility and helped fix a number of issues to help make Apply UC better for people with disabilities. Thank you, Aymen and Yiyi, for your continued care for accessibility for Apply UC!

UCOP Accessibility Champions email signature

UCOP Accessibility Champions can be identified by the following email signature badge:Accessibility Champion, University of California

To nominate a colleague who promotes web accessibility, email Judy Thai with their name and a brief explanation of why they are an Accessibility Champion.



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