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Box Classifications are now live

Box is a cloud-based service that UCOP uses for secure file storage and sharing. It allows UCOP employees to collaborate with colleagues and clients on documents within and outside of UCOP. Now, UCOP Information Technology Services (ITS) is excited to announce the deployment of data security classifications and classification-based controls within Box.

Why security classifications?

With new capabilities from Box, we are further able to protect our most sensitive data, prevent data leaks and detect potential threats. These capabilities help us improve our security posture and further reduce risk as we collaborate with our partners, vendors and customers.

What does this mean for me as a Box user?

Based on the classification of a file or folder, you may notice new policies, P3 and P4, or access controls in place. Our Box and Security teams have worked together to define our data classification levels and associated policies, which act as guardrails to help Box users avoid mistakes in our day-to-day work.

How can I classify content?

You can now classify content and see classification labels in the Box user interface. When you click on “More options […]” on a file or folder, you’ll see a new option, “Classify.” Only owners and co-owners of the file or folder have the ability to add, edit or delete a classification label.

We are standardizing on two classification levels – P3 and P4.

What actions should I take?

  • Try applying different classifications to a test file to get a better understanding of the enforcement policies of each classification. Confirm that your classifications are working as expected before applying them to other content.
  • Review and classify the files and folders you own. Be cautious — files and folders will inherit the classification applied from parent folders.
  • Work in Box as usual with the confidence that your sensitive data is protected! If something critical is not working for you, please read the Box Shield FAQs before submitting an ITS ticket.
  • Take security notifications seriously. If you receive a notification about inappropriate sharing or access to a file, you must respond and remediate it as soon as possible.


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