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VIDEO: President Drake and UCOP leaders share our new strategic framework

On June 21, UCOP leaders gathered with President Drake over Zoom to share an overview and insights about the new UCOP Strategic Framework with UCOP staff.

Participating in the conversation were:

  • President Michael V. Drake, M.D.
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rachael Nava
  • Provost and Executive Vice President Katherine Newman
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Nathan Brostrom
  • Strategy & Program Management Office Managing Director Julian Ryu

Watch the video here

Conversation highlights

  • President Drake explained how the new strategic framework will help UCOP staff to support and align with his presidential priorities and the overall mission of the university.
  • COO Rachael Nava and CFO Nathan Brostrom provided insights into how staff on all teams, in all divisions can personally engage with the framework as an opportunity to more deeply understand how their day-to-day responsibilities support the missions of UCOP and UC.
  • Provost Katherine Newman shared how we will track our progress in implementing the strategic framework within our work at UCOP.
  • Leadership addressed staff questions about the framework.

What is the strategic framework?

The UCOP Strategic Framework provides guidance to all UCOP divisions and staff, allowing us to focus our energy and resources on actions that will best position UC to achieve its academic, research and public service missions. It articulates and guides our mission, vision, values and strategic objectives. Aligning UCOP under the strategic framework will clarify our role within UC, connect UCOP staff with the value our work brings to the university and continue to strengthen our culture and community.

What are the new strategic objectives?

The updated framework outlines five strategic objectives that will inform all division-level goals:

  • Strengthen an inclusive UC workforce and community
  • Expand opportunities in learning and research
  • Support a prosperous, resilient, and healthy California
  • Develop and maintain sustainable financial models
  • Deliver operational service excellence

All strategic objectives are critical to our success as an organization and all divisions and employees contribute to achieving them.

How can I engage further with the strategic framework?

  • If you haven’t already done so, please set aside time to read the UCOP Strategic Framework document (PDF) and reflect on how the mission, vision and strategic objectives tie into your day-to-day responsibilities and the role you play within the university.
  • Speak with your manager and division leadership to learn more about how the framework will tie into your division strategic plans and objectives.
  • Look out for more information about forums and events for staff to engage more deeply in the framework.


We welcome questions about the strategic framework. Please continue to send them to


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