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UC releases its Community Safety Plan

The UC Community Safety Plan creates a framework for improving safety throughout the university.

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Final UC COVID-19 vaccination policy and FAQs

EVP/COO Rachael Nava shared UC’s final policy regarding required COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions for employees

An invitation from EVP/COO Rachael Nava to comment on the draft Campus Safety Plan

UCOP colleagues are invited to share feedback, questions or comments on the draft plan through a 30-day period, from June 1 – June 30.

A message from EVP/COO Rachael Nava on COVID-19 vaccines and returning to on-site operations

Here’s an update on the UCOP vaccine program, our planning and timeline for returning to the office and efforts to plan for future work.

Rachael Nava

EVP/COO Rachael Nava thanks UCOP staff for an extraordinary year

On behalf of the UCOP leadership team, Rachael recognized colleagues’ perseverance, flexibility, team spirit and mission focus throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UCOP is launching a COVID-19 vaccine program for staff

In partnership with UCSF Health and UC Riverside Health, our vaccine program will soon start in our Oakland and Riverside locations for eligible staff.

A message from EVP/COO Rachael Nava on the CA regional stay home order

The regional stay home order does not change UCOP’s COVID-19 prevention plans, as our protocols are in alignment with the more restrictive guidelines.

Rachael Nava’s message to the UCOP community regarding our jobs protection and curtailment plan

In response to President Drake’s jobs protection update, EVP/COO Nava issued UCOP’s plan to preserve jobs through a winter curtailment plan.

Work from home update from Rachael Nava

EVP/COO Rachael Nava recently shared an update on UCOP’s work-from-home status. Here's the latest.

July 24 update from Rachael Nava: New systems and operational updates

Last Thursday, EVP/COO Rachael Nava sent a message to staff about the Oakland office consolidation, financial information system, Talent Acquisition Management system and other important changes.