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UC leaders gather at UCPath for connecting and conversation

Last month, UCPath welcomed UC Operations and UCOP leaders from Oakland for a day of connecting, talking shop and sharing a little food.

Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer (EVP/COO) Rachael Nava and nearly her full leadership team gathered with about 200 UCPath colleagues for a day of engaging discussions and spending time with each other. Given the challenges of the last few years, the event was a welcome opportunity for UCPath staff members to engage face-to-face with UCOP leaders, and vice-versa. UC Path is part of the UC Operations division at UCOP.

“UCPath plays such a critical role in supporting the entire UC system, and it was great to spend time with, talk a little business with, laugh with and share a few bites of food with our UCPath colleagues who work so hard every day to support all of us and UC’s more than 230,000 employees,” Rachael said.

Visiting UC Operations and UCOP leaders included:

  • Heather Baptista, deputy to the executive director, UCOP operations
  • Bernadette Green, executive director, Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC), Systemwide Human Resources
  • Patricia Hardaway, interim chief human resources officer, UCOP operations
  • Dianna Henderson, deputy chief human resources officer and chief of staff to the vice president of Systemwide Human Resources
  • Cheryl Lloyd, vice president, Systemwide Human Resources​
  • Rachael Nava, EVP/COO
  • Cathy O’Sullivan, chief of staff to the COO
  • Julian Ryu, managing director, Strategy and Program Management Office
  • Lalitha Sankaran, director, Office of Workplace Inclusion and Belonging, UCOP
  • Jody Stiger, systemwide director of community safety
  • Van Williams, vice president, Information Technology Services; chief information officer, UC

The day began with breakfast and a town hall-style conversation about operational successes, challenges and future goals. Next was a tour of the facility, and an opportunity to connect with the various teams that handle daily operations and drive improvements.

Later in the day, UCPath leadership invited their visiting colleagues to join a discussion of strategies designed to transform UCPath into higher education’s premier human resources systems, payroll, and benefits administration shared-service provider. Everyone agreed that UC was up to taking on this ambitious goal, which aligns with the strategic vision for UCPath.

“It was a great day, and we all left feeling much more connected to our colleagues,” said Rachael. “We are excited about UCPath’s future, and we support and appreciate our UCPath colleagues for everything they do for the UC community.”

The day in pictures

Director of Workplace Inclusion and Belonging Lalitha Sankaran (left) and EVP/COO Rachael Nava talk with UCPath staff.

EVP/COO Rachael Nava (standing) and UC leaders visit with UCPath staff.

UCPath Business Operations Manager Tera Urias introduces the training, analytics, process improvement and records and fulfillment teams. (From left to right are Patricia Hardaway, Lalitha Sankaran, Dina Mouris, Tera Urias, Dianna Henderson, Jody Stiger and Van Williams)

UCPath Executive Director Calvin Turner leads a tour of UCPath. (Left to right: Rachael Nava, Calvin Turner, Angie Shelton, Heather Baptista, Julian Ryu and Cheryl Lloyd)

UCPath Executive Director Calvin Turner (standing), leads a discussion. (Left to right: Bernadette Green, Lalitha Sankaran, Julian Ryu, Cheryl Lloyd, Cathy O’Sullivan, Rachael Nava, Calvin Turner, Angelina Gomez, Sandra Buenrostro, Ivan Jackson, Christina Saint-Martin, Francesca Fajinmi; Back row: Chuck Czerny and Tiffany Landrum)


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