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Update on implementation of the final UCOP Out-Of-State Work Policy

Dear UCOP Colleagues:

As you know, in response to a request from several UC Regents UCOP is implementing a new policy regarding out-of-state work, to ensure the number of UCOP staff living outside California is consistent with UC’s mission as a California-based and California-serving institution, and one of the largest employers in the state. Positions based in UCOP’s Washington D.C. offices are not affected by this policy.

We are in the process of reviewing a high volume of existing and additional information that has come in for employees who are out-of-state. It is important for us to review the information carefully, and it is taking longer than we anticipated. Therefore, we are pushing back the date on which employees currently living outside California will be notified of their status from July 15 to July 31, 2023. Employees required to be in California will have until August 28, 2023, to decide if they will relocate.

We understand that having our out-of-state colleagues wait a little longer may be difficult. It’s important that we take the time needed to thoroughly review every individual’s information in order to make these important decisions. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience.

For additional information, the policy is available here. Also available are answers to frequently asked questions about the policy and its implications for impacted colleagues.


Rachael Nava
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Pluzdrak
Executive Director, UCOP Human Resources

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