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The UC Retirement Savings Program launches a new Roth option

The University of California is enhancing the UC Retirement Savings Program with a new Roth contribution option for the UC 403(b) and UC 457(b) Plans, giving you more flexibility to save and plan for your future through regular pretax contributions, new Roth contributions, or both.

A Roth contribution is an after-tax contribution to the UC 403(b) Plan or UC 457(b) Plan that gives you the opportunity for tax-free income in retirement. This is because your Roth distributions (including earnings) can be withdrawn free of federal income tax if certain requirements are met.

Within the first two weeks, hundreds of UC faculty and staff have taken advantage of the new feature and made Roth elections. Learn more about how Roth works, who might benefit and how you can learn more about if it will work for you:

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