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Important COVID-19 protocol reminders as we head into fall

As has been reported in the news, the U.S. has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases recently. The health and well-being of our colleagues and guests is of utmost importance, so please remain vigilant in following our COVID protocols, including monitoring yourself for symptoms and consulting with your manager or supervisor if you are ill and cannot work on-site — whether due to a cold, the flu or COVID.

Follow the UCOP COVID-19 protocols

  • Required UCOP/UCDC Screen surveys: Employees, contractors and visitors are required to complete UCOP Screen or UCDC Screen each day they come on-site.
  • Required COVID-19 testingYou must test for COVID if:
    •  You have COVID symptoms
    •  You have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
    •  You plan to attend a large group meeting (more than 20 people)
  • Optional COVID-19 testing: You are welcome to test yourself for COVID on a regular basis, such as the first day you come on-site each week.
  • Required reporting: Employees, contractors and visitors must report any exposure or confirmed positive cases by following these COVID-19 case reporting instructions. As a reminder, positive case reports are tracked and can be found on the COVID-19 positive case reporting dashboard.

Face masks, test kits and hand sanitizer are available in all UCOP facilities

Masks are one of the primary ways to protect ourselves and others. Properly wearing an N95, KN95 or other approved surgical mask provides COVID-19 protection for you, even when others are not masked.

COVID-19 test kits are available to all UCOP employees, and we encourage you to keep a small test kit supply at home. To request a test kit:

You can also request personal-use test kits from your health care provider. Most health insurance carriers are required to provide up to eight free COVID-19 tests per month through Nov. 11, 2023. For more information, see Health insurance covers at-home COVID-19 tests | Consumer Advice ( or How to get tested – Coronavirus COVID-19 Response (

Taking these important precautions together will continue to help us identify COVID-19 cases before coming on-site.

If you have any additional COVID-19-related questions, please email

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