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Share your questions for President Drake’s UCOP Town Hall

President Drake will soon host his first hybrid UCOP Town Hall in Oakland — the first in-person UCOP Town Hall since before the COVID-19 pandemic! Mark your calendar and save the date for Wednesday, Nov. 8, from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. PT.

The Town Hall will take place in Oakland’s Franklin building and will also be livestreamed for employees in our Livermore, Riverside, Sacramento and Washington, D.C. locations, as well as those who work remotely. (Virtual event details will be provided soon.)

President Drake will provide brief opening remarks, and then answer questions from UCOP staff. The president will alternate between questions from in-person attendees and questions submitted in advance.

Share your question for President Drake using this anonymous form

You can also email questions to Questions are accepted through Tuesday, Oct. 24, at 5 p.m. PT.

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  1. Toni Westbrook October 17, 2023 Reply

    The crime in Oakland, CA is getting out of control, particularly in the downtown area, and people are getting mugged in the broad-day light. What measures do we have in place to protect the employees who have to leave the building in order to get to their mode of transportation?

  2. Colin Mickle October 17, 2023 Reply

    After the horrifying attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas, President Drake and Regent Chair Leib issued a statement condemning the violence and expressing grief over the loss of innocent lives and the abduction of innocent hostages, including children and the elderly. Since that statement, Israeli forces have retaliated in Gaza and current estimates indicate over 3,500 Palestinians have been killed, including children and the elderly. Multiple news outlets have reported that Israeli forces have bombed schools, hospitals, and mosques in Gaza.

    Does President Drake plan to issue a statement on the horrible atrocities that Israeli forces are conducting in Gaza? What considerations does President Drake make when speaking on behalf of the UC community about these types of global events? I am concerned about the selective condemnation from the University and the deafening silence about the current situation is Gaza.

    We owe the same moral responsibility to Palestinian children/civilians as we do Israeli children/civilians. Condemning the Israeli government is not antisemitic and supporting Palestinians is not supporting Hamas. If you care about human life only in Israel or only in Gaza, then you don’t actually care about human life.

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