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Renewable, clean hydrogen power is coming to California

In October, the federal Department of Energy chose California as one of seven hydrogen hubs — regions where the agency will fund coordinated networks of hydrogen fuel producers, purveyors and consumers. A UC-backed consortium called the Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems (ARCHES), managed the state’s application to the DOE, and will steer up to $1.2 billion in federal funding toward 39 hydrogen infrastructure projects up and down the state.

Altogether, ARCHES projects are estimated to eliminate 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year, equivalent to taking 445,000 gas-powered cars off the road. They’ll create over 200,000 new good jobs. And by swapping diesel combustion engines spewing toxic exhaust for zero-pollution fuel cells, Californians will save nearly $3 billion in health care and related costs annually.

Beyond direct carbon reductions, the hydrogen hub’s real contribution will be in helping make clean, renewable energy work on a statewide scale and make hydrogen cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

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