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Get the APISA staff toolkit for celebrating the Lunar New Year

California has three new state holidays — Juneteenth, Genocide Remembrance Day and Lunar New Year.  The Lunar New Year, which usually takes place at the end of January or the beginning of February, is predominantly celebrated by Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and other Asian communities. Based on the lunar calendar, the special event marks the arrival of spring. In 2024, it falls on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Celebrating Lunar New Year looks different for everyone. You may choose to take a day or  week off to spend with your family, or celebrate Lunar New Year in the office with co-workers. The Asian Pacific Islander Staff Association (APISA) shares tips to guide your celebrations.

Taking time off

As of 2022, California State Law authorizes any state employee to receive eight hours of holiday credit rather than personal holiday credit and utilize eight hours of vacation, annual leave or compensating time off to observe the Lunar New Year. APISA is seeking guidance from UCOP leadership on how to report these hours; pending further guidance, staff must take personal vacation hours to take time off.

If you do choose to take time off:

  • Help spread awareness about the Lunar New Year by noting in your PTO request that you are specifically requesting this time to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
  • Request time off ahead of a check-in with your supervisor. Here are some sample PTO requests.
  • Share that you are celebrating the Lunar New Year in your out-of-office reply. To do so, take inspiration from colleague examples.

Celebrating Lunar New Year at work

Whether you’re working on-site or remotely, you can share your celebration with co-workers!

Download the APISA Lunar New Year Toolkit (docx). For questions, contact Mey Saechao.


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