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Try AI-powered coaching with LinkedIn Learning

Do you have specific skills that you want to develop but don’t know how or where to start? LinkedIn Learning’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered coaching may be just the tool for you!

What is LinkedIn Learning’s AI-powered coaching?

LinkedIn Learning’s chatbot provides personalized advice and resources in real-time, referencing the entire LinkedIn Learning library of resources to provide expert-informed answers and links to relevant courses and additional information.

You can ask for advice on challenges you’re facing or recommendations on how to develop specific skills, and the chatbot will ask you follow-up questions to ensure that you receive the best recommendations. The more learners communicate with the chatbot, the more personalized and helpful the responses will become.

For example, when answering the question “How can I approach a difficult conversation?” the chatbot may provide a few tips directly from LinkedIn Learning instructor Melanie Whitney in her course on How to Have Difficult Conversations Nanotips. If the learner asks follow-up questions, the chatbot might find the answers in a different course section and provide additional context.

How can AI-powered coaching improve my learning experience?

Making time for learning is often cited as the biggest challenge when it comes to workplace learning. The chatbot can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for a learner to find and begin taking the courses that matter to them. Moreover, it provides personalized guidance that can be customized to a learner’s exact needs by the learners themselves.

How to access LinkedIn Learning

All UCOP employees have free access to LinkedIn Learning: Activate your free account now! Use your single sign-on to log in (the username and password you use for your computer and other UCOP applications).

For support, watch this short overview video: How to use LinkedIn Learning. Please refer to the frequently asked questions for more information.

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