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Boost your remote- and hybrid-work skills

UCOP Learning and Development has curated several LinkedIn Learning collections to help you make the most of remote and hybrid work.

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Build your hybrid workplace skills with these opportunities

UCOP Learning and Development offers many resources to help you succeed in a hybrid work environment.

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LinkedIn Learning challenge: Keep calm and learn on

More than ever, it’s critical we take care of ourselves and one another. Learn how with this month's LinkedIn Learning challenge, kicking off on Aug. 10.

Make your meetings more effective — in person and online

In a new hourlong workshop, you’ll learn how to engage and motivate your colleagues for a better meeting experience.

Tune in to professional development: Audio content from LinkedIn Learning

Even if you’re trying to reduce your screentime, you can still work on boosting your career. Check out audio content available through your LinkedIn Learning membership.

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Here’s what your colleagues are saying about LinkedIn Learning

If you’re not taking advantage of your free LinkedIn Learning membership, take a few minutes to check it out today!

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Mark National Email Week with helpful self-paced training videos

Are you up to speed on all things email? Check out these quick videos to boost your digital communications skills.

Celebrate Pride Month with LinkedIn Learning

A great way to celebrate Pride month is by boosting your professional skillset so you can better support LGBTQ+ colleagues.

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Sign up for these classes to boost your communications skills

If you’ve been struggling to build connections, express yourself, or articulate your point of view — or if you’re simply ready to build new professional skills — check out these upcoming learning opportunities.

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LinkedIn Learning May challenge: Mindset matters

LinkedIn Learning’s May Challenge, kicking off May 11, focuses on the power of positive thinking and how to foster a growth mindset.