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Expand your social and emotional awareness with new workshops

Improving your social and emotional awareness can improve your personal and professional experiences.

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LinkedIn Learning Challenge: Say Hello to Hybrid

Honing the skills needed to navigate the new world of work has never been more important.

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Take control of your professional and personal growth with LinkedIn Learning

Online learning opportunities are flexible and can be personalized to help you achieve your goals.

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LinkedIn Learning wellness classes: Reset for the new year!

Reset for the new year by taking time to focus on your well-being through self-care during winter break.

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The LinkedIn Learning courses your colleagues recommend

Start learning today with on-demand courses that have been highlighted by UCOP staff for helpful, relevant content.

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LinkedIn Learning challenge: Growing your professional presence

Learn the confidence and presence you need to connect with others, deliver your messages and boost your career trajectory.

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Be more productive with the September LinkedIn Learning Challenge

From September 12 – 30, follow along with our learning calendar and start kicking the habits that are holding you back.

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The 20 most popular LinkedIn Learning courses this year

LinkedIn Learning's annual roundup highlights professionals' dedication to personal growth, connection with colleagues and honing crafts.

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LinkedIn Learning challenge: Become a master of change

From shifts in your personal or professional lives, to broader changes to the world at large, change can be challenging. Learn how to better navigate it with these self-paced resources.