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Earn a professional certificate from Microsoft

LinkedIn Learning has partnered with Microsoft to offer the most in-demand professional certificates. Professional certificates showcase the new skills you acquired and demonstrate to employers that you have a growth mindset and are invested in lifelong learning and are motivated to and can learn independently. These are valuable attributes that can help you be successful in the workplace.

Choose one or more Career Essentials Certificates by Microsoft and LinkedIn to showcase your mastery of in-demand skills.

  • Career Essentials in Generative AI: Discover the skills needed to apply generative AI in your career. Learn the core concepts of artificial intelligence and generative AI functionality.
  • Career Essentials in Data Analysis: Discover the skills needed for a career in data analysis. Learn foundational concepts used in data analysis and practice using software tools for data analytics and data visualization.
  • Career Essentials in Project Management: Learn what it takes to succeed as a project management professional. Discover how to manage projects effectively, from simple to complex, with expert guidance on scheduling, budgeting, communication, and more. Explore project management tools included in the Microsoft 365 suite.
  • Career Essentials in Business Analysis: Discover the skills needed to thrive in a business analyst role. Explore foundational business analysis concepts and understand key processes. Practice using software tools for common business analysis tasks.
  • Career Essentials in Administrative Assistance: Learn what it takes to succeed as an administrative professional. Develop essential skills needed for administrative roles, including communication, writing, time management, and must-have software skills.
  • Career Essentials in Software Development: Discover the skills needed for a career in software development. Learn the core concepts and structure of programming languages and learn how they are applied.

To earn a Career Essentials Certificate by Microsoft and LinkedIn, follow the steps below.

  • Complete all courses and content in the learning path.
  • Take and pass the final exam.
  • Once you pass, you will have immediate access to your certificate so that you can add it to your LinkedIn profile and share it with others.

UCOP employees have free access to all courses and videos on LinkedIn Learning. Activate your free account now!

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