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Learn how to understand and interrupt subtle acts of exclusion

Gartner defines a microagression as “a commonplace verbal, behavioral or environmental indignity that communicates an insult toward any group, particularly culturally marginalized groups.”

This term has become widely used, yet it is just as widely misunderstood. An upcoming workshop from UCOP Learning and Development will reframe “microaggressions” as “subtle acts of exclusion” (SAEs). Join colleagues in exploring the SAE framework and learning how to interrupt these acts and discuss them with colleagues.

During this workshop, we will:

  • Reflect on how our socialization throughout childhood and adulthood impacts our outlook, attitudes and behaviors
  • Understand the shift in language from “microaggressions” to SAEs
  • Explore the SAE framework to better understand how SAEs are formed and how they impact those they target
  • Participate in group discussions on best practices for interrupting SAEs and engaging colleagues in discussion around them

Join us

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