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A message from President Drake about the upcoming presidential election

In times like these, President Michael V. Drake, M.D., encourages the UC community to lean on our core values of respect, equity, and inclusion.

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Attend a Nov. 4 post-election listening session

The outcome of next week’s presidential election is likely to have an emotional impact on many of us. OP will be hosting listening sessions with a professional facilitator.

Hand placing ballot in box

Get ready to vote: 8 new things for the 2020 election

Voting is easier and safer than ever in California this year. Learn how you can make your ballot count.

UC’s Chief Investment Officer discusses the 2020 investment landscape — including the election

Learn how fluctuations in financial markets may affect your investments and what the election could mean to investors.

The experts agree: Vote early

The 2020 election is coming up soon. Check out a recording of the UC Advocacy Network’s expert-filled election webinar to learn what to expect this year.

Get out the vote: Poll workers needed in Alameda County

Help support your community — and make some extra money — by serving as a pollworker in the upcoming election.

Participate in a live event about the 2020 election

Confused about how mail-in voting works or wondering what the deal with early voting is? Join UC next Monday, Oct. 12, for a Q&A with Karen Hedges, deputy director for campus life at UCLA.

Special event: An election like no other

Join the UC Advocacy Network for a compelling event focused on what to expect this November and how your vote will matter.