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A hummingbird flies through the opening of an aperture

Fig. 1 reveals the secrets of hummingbird flight

Hummingbirds zip around at dizzying speeds, employing moves that are downright acrobatic as they search for nectar. How do they do it?

Fig. 1 demystifies red wine headaches

Find out why red wine sometimes gives you a headache, even before you’ve finished a single glass.

Illustration of a teenager with pink hair and a nose ring, with text pointing to their brain -

Turning 18 doesn’t make you an adult — according to neuroscience

UC's vibrant Fig. 1 video series has created a new video that shares insights into the teenage brain.

Whale in front of a container ship

New Fig. 1: Saving whales with breakthrough tech

UC's vibrant Fig. 1 video series has created a new video to celebrate new technology that is helping preserve whales.

Fig. 1 video: The surprising benefits of stress

Discover why experiencing short bursts of stress, like before a big test, can actually be beneficial for your body.

Fig. 1: Why it’s so hard to predict California’s El Niño Winter this year

In the latest Fig. 1 video, UCLA scientist Daniel Swain — the go-to expert for understanding California's unique weather patterns and climate — sheds light on the peculiarities of this winter's weather.

New Fig. 1 video: Astronaut Jose Hernandez’s cancer-fighting invention

Learn how Regent Hernández co-invented the first full-field digital mammography system, revolutionizing breast cancer detection.

Fig. 1 logo

UC’s popular Fig. 1 video series has a new website

UC’s award-winning video series has a dedicated, captivating website. Check it out!