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Register today for November classes and workshops

Sign up for high-quality professional development offerings for staff at all UCOP locations — all available at no charge to you!

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Join the Center for Project Management in upcoming workshops

This November, UCOP staff will have an opportunity to learn project management skills from the pros in a three-workshop series led by Raj Kapur.

PM-ILP: Training for new and aspiring people managers

PM-ILP is designed to help current and aspiring managers acquire the knowledge and insights to become more impactful in their roles.

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Build your tech skills with upcoming classes

Boost your knowledge of current software with upcoming UCOP workshops — Excel, Box, PowerPoint and more.

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Tough conversations, effective writing and other critical communication skills

If you’d like to develop the communication skills you need to excel in any role, upcoming classes offered through UCOP can help!

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LinkedIn Learning challenge: Growing your professional presence

Learn the confidence and presence you need to connect with others, deliver your messages and boost your career trajectory.

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Build your skills with October classes at UCOP

Sign up today for high-quality professional development offerings — all free for UCOP staff!

Managers’ Corner: The project-management skills you need

The next People Leaders Forum will provide supervisors and managers with practical tips and strategies for project management.

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Thursday: Learn to protect yourself with basic safety awareness

A new course offered through UCOP Learning and Development will help you feel informed, alert and safe in and outside the workplace.