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Pascal Polonik and

Wednesday: UCCS Emerging Scholars Award winners will share their research

Pascal Polonik and Reem Zaiour will discuss air quality equity in U.S. climate policy and DACA under the Trump administration.

Brie Williams

Explore a public health perspective on prison health conditions

Brie Williams, M.D., director of Amend at UCSF and a leader in health care advocacy for incarcerated people, will share her research and its impacts.

Panel will explore solutions to chronic homelessness in California

Hear from three expert panelists on how California is beginning to address the problem of its chronically unsheltered homeless population.

UCCS explores structural solutions to homelessness

Dr. Enrico Castillo will frame homelessness as a structural problem caused by inequitable laws, institutions, and socioeconomic forces.

Ron Brookmeyer

Learn how surveillance data can help protect public health

Ron Brookmeyer, Ph.D., of UCLA, will share how surveillance data is used to protect public health and the future of enhancing its effectiveness.