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10-Second Bio: Kobie Crowder

Name: Kobie Crowder

Title: Director, Financial Analysis

Department/Unit: Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff to The Regents

Location: 12th floor, Franklin Building

How long I’ve been with UCOP: October 2007

What I do for OP in five words or less: Support the Chief of Staff

The best part about working for OP: The opportunity to work with a lot of really smart people.

Something you don’t know about me: I am a former Combat Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army and have trained extensively in the removal of landmines.  I am also one of five brothers and sisters.

One weird fact about the town I grew up in: I grew up in San Jose.  The streetlights in San Jose are yellow so that the glare from the light will not affect the work being done at the Lick Observatory.

If I could have any job in the world (besides the one I have now): A veterinarian.  I love animals.

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