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New Display Case Guidelines

If you’ve been to the Franklin building recently, you probably noticed that Building Services recently installed four display cases near the elevator on the first floor. These display cases are intended to help keep staff informed about events, programs and information of broad interest to our community.

Each week you’ll find a new poster highlighting upcoming events at UCOP. There will also be space to post individual events, programs and information of broad interest to the UCOP community.

We encourage you to stay updated on upcoming events or initiatives as you wait for the elevator. You can also view UCOP events in the UCOP Event Calendar in Link.

Since these display cases are in a busy traffic corridor, it’s important we have some guidelines and dos and don’ts of these cases. With input from various departments and groups around UCOP, the following guidelines were developed to help keep the information organized and the lobby clutter-free:

• Only UCOP or UC-sponsored events, programs and information may be posted in display cases.
• All postings must be coordinated with UCOP communications. Simply send an email to Alexis Endicott or call 7-0619.
• Those interested in posting event or program information are responsible for designing and printing materials. In an effort to save paper and ink—and have room for multiple events and programs in the display cases—all postings must be printed on 8.5”x11” paper.
• As a general rule, materials will be posted within 48 business hours. It’s recommended that you submit your materials and posting request at least one week prior to the event to ensure the most effective promotion.

• Submit your event posting as soon as possible. The longer it’s up, the more people will see it.
• Print information on 8.5”x11” paper. Requests for posters larger than 8.5”x11” will be limited and must be coordinated through UCOP Communications.
• Submit your event to the UCOP Event Calendar in Link.
• Include the correct date, time and location of your event, as well as an event contact on your posting.
• Make use of department and/or kitchen bulletin boards to promote your events or initiatives.

• Post event or program information outside of the display cases in the lobby. Doing so is a fire hazard.
• Wait until the last minute to post information about your event.

We hope these display cases help you stay in the loop. If you have any questions, please contact Alexis Endicott, UCOP Communications Coordinator at 7-0619 or

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