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The OP Staff Assembly & Council of UC Staff Assemblies

The OP Staff Assembly (OPSA) is part of a larger body, the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA), and represents UCOP employees to the larger UC employee community through CUCSA.

All UCOP career staff employees are members of the OP Staff Assembly. You’re welcome to attend the monthly meetings, held the third Wednesday of each month in Franklin 10325. To add an item to the agenda, please contact Assembly Chair Andrea Gerstenberger at (510) 287-3807 or by e-mail at

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Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)

The Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) is the systemwide organization of representatives from each campus staff assembly, as well as OP and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. CUCSA works to enhance communication within the UC community on matters of interest to staff employees. CUCSA researches and assesses systemwide staff issues via workgroups and reports its findings and policy recommendations annually to the Regents.

CUCSA meets quarterly, on a rotating basis across UC campuses. The OP Staff Assembly is hosting the next CUCSA meeting here in Oakland, from September 1-3, and staff are welcome to attend. The agenda will be posted on the OPSA website in a few weeks.

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More about the OP Staff Assembly

The OP Staff Assembly, formerly known as UCOPA, is led by a Steering Committee comprised of 5–11 employees from across UCOP’s units and departments. The Steering Committee works to:

  • Champion staff interests
  • Provide opportunities for networking and career and leadership development
  • Collaborate with colleagues on behalf of the OP community
  • Build ties with other UC campus staff assemblies through CUCSA

A Steering Committee election was conducted online July 13–20. All career staff employees, as members of the Staff Assembly, were eligible to vote for up to seven candidates in the Steering Committee elections.

The Steering Committee is developing plans for its work in the coming year, and will post updated information on the OPSA website as well as on the Staff Assembly section of the bulletin board in the Franklin lobby. Keep an eye out for new opportunities to weigh in on key issues, socialize and network and to help build a strong community across several office locations.

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