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Verizon iPhones now available through UCOP TechDesk

Verizon began shipping iPhones last week, and the UCOP TechDesk is now accepting orders. Before placing an order, please consider the following:

Departments may incur an early contract termination fee if the existing service provider’s contract has not expired.

There is no guarantee that Verizon’s service will be an improvement over the current provider.

Given high demand, there may be delays of up to 20 days after the request is submitted and before you receive your iPhone.

Follow these procedures to order an iPhone:

Current iPhone customers. Customers who already have a UC-owned iPhone and want to move to the Verizon network and keep their current phone number, must complete and submit two forms:

New iPhone customers. Customers who want to get a UC owned-iPhone for the first time must complete and submit only the SmartPhone Service form (see link above).

Additional information is provided on the Verizon website. If you have questions, please contact the TechDesk at or 987-0457.

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  1. Jean February 15, 2011 Reply

    Why are we continuing to buy/provide phones? Isn’t the state broke?

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