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Voluntary reduction in time proposal seeks employee comment

Career staff would be allowed to voluntarily reduce their time and pay in exchange for specific advantages under a proposed program to help campuses address the current budget crisis.

UC faces a $500 million reduction in state funding for fiscal year 2011–12, and UC Human Resources has developed the Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) program as an optional tool to help campuses, medical centers and other locations deal with budget reductions, should a location or organizational unit choose to implement it.

ERIT is similar to the expired Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) Program.

It would allow career staff employees—except senior managers—to voluntarily reduce pay and hours worked from 5 percent to 50 percent of full time so that the university can achieve salary savings.

The university realized $25.6 million in savings from START in fiscal year 2009–10, the last full year of the program. START was available to both academic and staff employees, while ERIT would apply to staff employees only.

Employees could choose to participate in the program for one month or more, through June 30, 2012, unless the university extends the program.

In return for a voluntary reduction in time, participants would:

  • Accrue vacation and sick leave credits at the rate accrued prior to participation in ERIT;
  • Continue their UC health and welfare benefits without changes to premiums or benefits while participating in ERIT;
  • Have retirement benefits calculated based on their pre-ERIT compensation rate.

UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) contributions would be based on the reduced salary, and UCRP service credit would accrue based on the reduced appointment.

Represented employees’ participation in ERIT would be subject to collective bargaining.

The proposed program may be reviewed online on the At York Service website.

UCOP employees are invited to review the proposal and comment by contacting Michael Lum at by 5 p.m., Monday, May 2.

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