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OP merit increases will be based on 2010-11 performance

In an email dated August 26, 2011, Human Resources Executive Director John Fox notified UCOP about the 2011–12 merit increases many staff will see in their November paychecks. Following is the full text of Fox’s notice.

Dear UCOP colleagues:

As a follow up to President Yudof’s letter last week about merit-based salary increases for faculty and staff, the following guidelines outline how the increases will be implemented:

Information about 2011–12 UC merit increases


  • As the president’s letter states, the merit program is aimed at helping UC recruit and retain faculty and also to acknowledge non-represented staff for their ongoing dedication and service despite not having received general pay increases for the past several years.
  • Funding for the merit program will be based on 3 percent of pay for eligible positions. Due to State funding cuts, merit increases will be funded by a redirection of funds from existing programs.


  • Increases are confined to faculty and other academic employees and non-represented staff, and must be based on positive, documented performance.
  • Individual increases will be determined by department heads, following the completion of annual performance reviews, and will vary based on documented performance.
  • Employees whose latest performance rating is “Unsatisfactory Performance” are ineligible for merit increases, and merit increases for those rated “Improvement Needed” should be extremely rare, unless there are compelling, extenuating circumstances for an exception, which must be approved by the Executive Vice President for Business Operations.
  • Employees who were hired, appointed, reclassified or otherwise received any salary increase(s) after January 1, 2011, are ineligible for a merit increase. Any exceptions to this require special approval.
  • Members of the UC senior management group and staff with an annual base salary of $200,000 or more are not eligible for these merit increases.
  • Union-represented employees are not eligible for increases under this program, as their wages are governed by collective bargaining agreements.

Effective dates

  • Increases for staff will be effective July 1, 2011, and are expected to appear in November paychecks.
  • Increases for faculty will be effective October 1, 2011 (academic year calendar).

UCOP Local Human Resources, in collaboration with the OP Budget Office and BRC Payroll, will be working with department managers in the coming weeks to ensure timely and consistent implementation of this program.

If you have any questions, please see your supervisor.

John Fox, Executive Director
UCOP Human Resources

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