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2011-12 performance reviews: Now is the time to act!

If you’ve been putting off your performance reviews, now would be a good time to get started! There’s just over one month to go before reviews are due to your UCOP local HR generalist by 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 1.

The best place to start is the UCOP performance management website, where you will find links to the evaluation forms, frequently asked questions, quick facts and relevant policies.

“Performance appraisals are an essential part of the work experience,” said John Fox, executive director of UCOP local HR. “They give all of us an opportunity to rise above the day-to-day tasks and think deeply about what we can do to make our own jobs more rewarding and make UCOP a more fulfilling place to work.”

One of the most important elements of the review process, Fox said, is that each employee have a discussion with his or her supervisor to set clear goals for future performance as well as for professional development and career growth.

Reviews are due about two weeks later this year to accommodate a second-level review. That means that all written evaluations will be reviewed by the second level of management, before supervisors meet with employees to discuss their evaluations. This provides a broader perspective and adds more value to the feedback employees receive, Fox explained.

Departments are making good progress on completing the reviews. Many have set earlier internal dates for completing the required steps; if that is the case, please adhere to your departmental deadline.

For more details about the 2011–12 performance review cycle, see the performance management website or contact your HR business partner.

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