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Upcoming photography project aims to capture work and people of UCOP

A couple weeks ago, you may have seen a man you didn’t recognize walking around the Franklin building with a camera. That would be professional photojournalist Robert Durell, who was preparing for a series of photo shoots this fall, beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 5, to capture a day in the life at UCOP.

The goal is to document activities and personalities in and around OP’s Oakland offices and capture a real-world look at life and work in the UCOP community, said Paul Schwartz, director of Internal Communications. The images will be used for websites, print materials and other vehicles.

“We have been working actively to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of our communications,” Schwartz said. “Among other things, this work includes establishing a more engaging and more authentic visual approach to our communications.” Photographs have already been shot at all 10 UC campuses and five medical centers as well as Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories.

Durell, now a freelancer, published more than 5,000 photographs in his 20-year career at the Los Angeles Times. His subjects have ranged from food and wine to disasters and sports and portraits of corporate, entertainment and political heavyweights, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Bob Dylan and Steve Jobs.

The UCOP shoots will take place at the Franklin, Kaiser and 20th St. buildings over several days in the coming weeks. Many events, meetings and locations are already scheduled, and Durell will also be capturing other activities on the fly.

Staff or visitors are free to decline to be photographed, and anyone who ends up in a photo will be asked to sign a standard release form.

“Participation will be voluntary, but we’re really hoping that people will see this as an opportunity to help us more accurately reflect the diversity and dynamism of the people who make up the Office of the President,” Schwartz said. “Besides, having worked at UCOP for more than a decade, I know there are more than a few hams out there.”

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