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UC seeking employee comments on new lab safety policies

The university is proposing three new systemwide policies on laboratory safety training, personal protective equipment and minors in laboratories and shops, which are now open for review and comment by all employees.

The policies (click name below to see policy) are designed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all members of the UC community, as follows:

Laboratory Safety Training

Designed to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses for all faculty, staff, students, volunteers and visitors, this policy requires fundamental lab safety training for all workers in laboratory and technical areas. The policy sets minimum training requirements, which individual locations and work groups may exceed as they deem necessary.

Personal Protective Equipment

Designed to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses for all academic appointees, staff, students and visitors, this policy and regulatory standards require that supervisors select personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers under their supervision based on an assessment of workplace hazards that those workers are likely to encounter. Supervisors would be required to inform workers of the selection decisions and have their workers follow those decisions when obtaining PPE, which will be provided to workers at no cost.

Minors in Laboratories and Shops

This policy governs the presence of minors in any UC laboratory or shop that uses hazardous chemicals, biohazardous or infectious materials, radioactive materials or radiation-producing equipment, or where there are physical hazards, including compressed gases, high voltage, extreme temperatures, excessive noise or lasers.

Employees covered by these policies who wish to provide comments may submit them to Employee and Labor Relations Manager Michael Lum at by Friday, Feb. 22, 2013.

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