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New Link jobs button makes it easy to search job openings at UCOP

Link now includes a convenient button that takes you directly to the UC jobs website, making it easy to search for new employment opportunities. Find the “Job openings at UCOP” button located in the right-hand sidebar on every page of Link, above the video feature.

The addition is part of Link’s goal to keep the community abreast of what’s happening at UCOP. It also promotes the HR and staff engagement goals of providing all UCOP employees with the information they need to effectively manage their careers.

Click on the button to get the listing of all open positions at OP, including Oakland and non-Oakland locations for Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Sacramento Office of State Governmental Relations and Academic Affairs, UC Irvine’s ASSIST Program, the UC Education Abroad Program in Santa Barbara and the Office of Federal Governmental Relations (UCDC) in Washington, D.C.

The site also serves as a portal for searching open staff positions across all UC locations, including campuses, medical centers, national labs and other locations. Find the link to UCPath Center jobs on the top left.

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