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Ping pong, anyone? Tables now available at Franklin and Broadway

ping pong match

President Napolitano and Chief Investment Officer Jagdeep Bachher (left) bought ping pong tables for the Franklin and Broadway buildings to help staff blow off a little steam.

If you’re having a tough workday and need to blow off a little steam, why not pop down to Franklin’s Lobby 2 for a brisk game of ping pong?

President Janet Napolitano and Chief Investment Officer Jagdeep Bachher, both of whom wield a pretty mean paddle, officially launched the Franklin game room last week. We won’t say who won the match, but there’ll be a rematch this week.

It was at a July 4th barbeque where the two decided to introduce a little recreation into the intense UCOP work culture. They bought the tables and donated them to provide an outlet from the workday and help build community among OP staff.

“We thought it would be fun to break up the day-to-day work with a little healthy competition,” the president said. She hasn’t played ping pong since she was a kid and is perfecting her form. She also plays tennis but says the two games are nothing alike.

You can book the Franklin table via Outlook; just look for “Franklin Ping Pong Table” among the conference room options. The table is located in Lobby 2 (in front of the entrance to High XII Café, across from the restrooms). The Broadway table is not in Outlook, but everyone already knows where it’s located on the 14th floor.

So give it a try! You and your partner(s) can reserve the Franklin table for up to 30 minutes at a time. Paddles and balls are provided in both rooms, but feel free to bring your own. And no food, please.

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  1. Fredye Harms September 2, 2014 Reply

    …digging the CIO’s red shoes!

  2. Maura September 2, 2014 Reply

    The article suggests that \everyone already knows where it’s (the ping pong table) located on the 14th floor.\ Actually, I don’t know where it’s located…? I’m on the 6th floor of the Kaiser Center building. Can someone \in the know\ let me in on the \secret\ :-0

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