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OP Strategic Review on track to report to president by year-end

As part of the Strategic Organization Review, all UCOP divisions and systemwide programs have completed workbooks detailing and prioritizing the work they do. The project team is now analyzing the data and developing a master report that will provide the basis for decisions about the future structure and role of the Office of the President.

The purpose of the review, which President Napolitano announced July 8, is to determine the appropriate size, shape and responsibilities of OP within the University of California system and to ensure that every division is prioritizing work that aligns with the university’s overall mission of teaching, research and public service. Findings will be used to shape the 2015–16 and future budgets.

Division leaders, with the help of their departmental staff, have enumerated each of their units’ functions and summarized budget requirements and future recommendations across the division.

“We know that completing the workbooks was a significant task, especially under such tight time constraints,” said Project Director Karla Campbell, who is also director of UCOP’s Center for Operation Excellence. “We appreciate the effort of staff in helping us keep on track to deliver a final report to the president at year-end.”

Driving the review are a 16-member steering committee and a 10-member project team, both under Campbell’s direction. The teams analyzed previous reviews for significant findings and developed the workbooks for divisions. As the data analysis continues, the committee will provide guidance as needed to finalize the report.

Steering Committee members include:

  • Pamela Brown, Academic Affairs
  • Dena Bullard, Health Sciences & Services
  • William Cooper, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jan Corlett, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Yvette Gullatt, Academic Affairs
  • Stephen Handel, Academic Affairs
  • Jenny Kao, External Relations
  • Meredyth Lacy, President’s Executive Office
  • Dennis Larsen, Business Operations
  • John Lohse, Ethics, Compliance & Audit Services
  • Cheryl Lloyd, Chief Financial Officer
  • David McCallen, Laboratory Management
  • Zoanne Nelson, Business Operations
  • Debbie Obley, Business Operations
  • Karen Petrulakis, Office of General Counsel
  • Julia Winterson, Chief Investment Officer of the Regents

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