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Efficiency Review: New training opportunities and time-saving services

The Efficiency Review Work Group (ERWG) is rolling out several programs and services that are designed to improve the UCOP work environment and save staff time and resources. This month’s ERWG report focuses on improvements in hiring and staff development.

Supervisor Certification Program

ERWG received a large number of suggestions to provide training for supervisors that focused on people management skills. In response, UCOP Learning & Development is proposing a Supervisor Certification program to provide a greater incentive for those who manage others to complete available training. The program will be a blended learning approach centered on in-person peer-mentoring sessions and the online People Management courses recently launched by the systemwide HR Talent Management and Employee Development team. Topics will include: Setting Expectations and Individual Performance Goals, Coaching for Performance and Development, Engaging and Developing Employees, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Motivating, Recognizing and Rewarding Employees, Conducting Performance Appraisals, and Managing Corrective Action. Many thanks to John Fox, Linda Klink and their HR colleagues for developing this program in response to ERWG suggestions. More information on this exciting new program will be provided in a future Link article.

Reference checks
UCOP employees expressed concern that checking job applicants’ references was an area that consumed a considerable amount of staff time and was in dire need of review. ERWG wholeheartedly agreed, and UCOP has now contracted with SkillSurvey to conduct online reference check surveys for job applicants that include collecting feedback on behaviors and skills that correlate to success in a given job type. SkillSurvey helps hiring managers obtain quality hires in an effective and efficient manner, provides a consistent and compliant process for all applicants, and saves UCOP staff time by off-loading this task to a reputable provider.

Staff Development Program

Through staff-submitted ideas and requests, ERWG recognized a gap between professional growth training programs offered at UCOP and a need for a program open to staff at a level between the existing programs like Take Charge and the Leadership Development Program. Building on the success of the Staff Development Program in the CFO and COO divisions over the past three years, ERWG is working, with the gracious support from HR, to expand the program to all divisions across UCOP. The program will consist of a series of workshops and a group project for UCOP staff at the PSS level. Program details and a call for applications will be coming soon.

Improved internship program

Many staff suggested that UCOP could provide a better learning experience for students in internship positions. Others complained about the difficulty in finding and hiring interns for UCOP service. In response, ERWG recommended that the 2014–­15 CFO/COO Staff Development Program develop recommendations to improve the process and experience. Details of the group project will be provided in a future Link article.

Please keep your Efficiency Review suggestions coming! Just submit them at: The ERWG website is regularly updated with our progress on the 800+ suggestions made by staff to date.



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