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Big data is helping UC students graduate on time

As UC campuses look to better serve a growing number of California undergraduates, they are turning to a resource they have in abundance: data.

New tools make it increasingly possible to capture, store and analyze data, supplying universities with minute details about their students, from what they missed on the midterm to how well they did in high school math.

The trick is finding the connections amid this mind-boggling array of information, and using it to draw conclusions that can advance student success.

Just as algorithms help physicians detect health risks, give sports teams a competitive edge, and connect marketers to buyers for new product lines, so advanced analytics can support UC educators who want to identify students at risk of falling behind that could benefit from helpful resources and services.

To learn more about how UC is using data to help students graduate on time, read the full article.

Some stats on UC’s high graduation rates:

  • Almost 85 percent of students who enter the university as freshmen complete a UC degree within six years.
  • Graduation rates approach 90 percent including students who finish at a non-UC institution.
  • The number who finish in four years has risen significantly, from 46 percent of students who enrolled in 1997 to 62 percent of those who started in 2010.

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