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Mail changes coming to Franklin building on July 5

Did you know that our mailroom staff makes nearly 70 stops on every weekday to pick up and deliver mail on eight floors of the Franklin building? The excessive number of mail locations means a lot of time is spent roaming the floors just to drop off and pick up mail.

In order to increase staff efficiency, beginning on Tuesday, July 5, the Franklin building will have only two drops per floor for incoming and outgoing mail, one in each of the two large printer workrooms. Mail delivery should be completed by 12 p.m.

Any items requiring special handling — such as large or bulky items, registered or certified mail, and UPS deliveries — will continue to be handled within the mailroom.

The new mail locations on each floor will be as follows:

5th floor – ECAS and Human Resources in printer room #5128. IAS in printer room #5108.

6th floor – NRS, Loans and Financial Accounting in printer room #6304. Capital Programs, Budget Analysis Planning, CFO, and Capital Asset Strategies and Finance in printer room #6129.

7th floor – BASC, Program Management Office, Records and Communications in printer room #7318. WMC, Alumni/Institutional Advancement and ITS in printer room #7124.

8th floor – OGC in printer room #8328.

9th floor – Local HR and BRC in printer room #9303. Student Affairs in printer room #9134.

10th floor – OP Budget, Procurement Services and Risk in printer room #10315. ANR in printer room #10132.

11th floor – Academic Personnel & Planning, Diversity & Engagement, and UC Online Education in printer room #11314. ORGS and IRAP in printer room #11133.

12th floor – SOR, Academic Senate, IMPAC and External Relations in printer room #12312. Provost’s Office, COO’s Office and the President’s Office will receive immediate hand delivery.

For questions about mail services, see the Building & Administrative Service Center – Mail Services page.

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