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Announcing new People Management Certificate Program for UC staff

A new UC People Management Certificate Program launches systemwide on Feb. 22. Anyone who manages or supervises others, or who aspires to do so, is welcome to participate in this exciting new development opportunity.

Designed to increase people management capabilities across the UC system, the program consists of core and elective courses covering the following competency areas: performance management, managing people, administration and operations, change management and communications.

Benefits of the program

Completing this program offers a number of career benefits:

  • Builds baseline management skills
  • Increases opportunity for promotion and potential for future leadership positions
  • Offers easily accessible online courses that are learner-centric and self-paced
  • Builds on coursework already completed

How it works

We know that your work schedule is busy and at times unpredictable. That’s why this has been designed as a self-paced program. You can start now, or at any time that works for your schedule. After you begin, you have three years to complete the program.

All core courses are available online in the UC Learning Center. In order to obtain the certificate, you will need to complete 10 core courses and at least four elective courses which cover the four different competency areas. The elective courses are a combination of in-person and online courses. To view the UC People Management Series and Certificate course list, click here.


Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate that will be recognized at all UC locations.

In addition, those who have completed the program will be eligible to attend the UC Systemwide People Management Conference to be held in Los Angeles on Aug. 1-3, 2017. The conference will bring together leaders from across UC who have completed the People Management Certificate Program, the Management Development Program (MDP), or the UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative. The goal of the annual conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with each other
  • Learn about current topics and share best practices
  • Continue learning about leadership within the UC system

Find out more

For more information and resources, please visit the UC People Management Program page. If you have questions after reviewing that site, please contact


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