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2017 UCOP ITS Tech Fair draws hundreds of staff members

This year’s annual UCOP IT Tech Fair was another huge success, with over 300 UCOP staff members attending the two-hour event held in Franklin Lobby 1 on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

IT uses the annual event to showcase both current and future services for their UCOP colleague-customers. This year, that included the Zoom web conferencing system rolled out in the spring as well as the upcoming Windows 10 upgrade. Display tables devoted to Salesforce, Power BI, Tableau, and PCSSC’s Control-M and GoAnywhere alerted staff to apps, software and IT services that are available to help with their work. Information Security was on hand to remind everyone of the importance of keeping university data and systems safe. As with previous years, the capper of the event was the raffle drawing, with Donna Collins winning the grand prize.

The fair was organized by Shirley Bittlingmeier, IT client services officer, along with committee members Donna Yamasaki, Emma Sebastian, Rebecca Nguyen, Randy Kemish and Patrick Rogers, but many others contributed as well. Listed below are descriptions of all the informational tables and who staffed them, plus the other volunteers who helped make this very popular event a big success:

Box is an online application that stores files and folders in the cloud. Documents can be accessed from any location with Internet access by using a web browser, Box sync or the Box mobile app. Box also lets you easily share documents and folders with colleagues both within and outside UC by emailing links to password-protected documents. Staffed by Bobby Cook and Mark Cruz.

Building Administrative Services Center (BASC)
BASC supports the work of UCOP by providing a clean, safe and secure working environment as well as efficient administrative support services. Staffed by Donna Collins, Steve Murray, Juan Conrado, Loreaner Lopez, Daniel Estrada, Stella Gonzales, Michael Annas and Marc Rios.

Business Resource Center (BRC) ServiceNow rollout
Effective Oct. 1, the BRC team announced the rollout of ServiceNow for all BRC services, including travel and entertainment reimbursements, PTA requests, NPears, journals and recharges. They also showcased a new report that clients can run to see all open items submitted by their department to the BRC. Staffed by Lorrelie Esteban, Janice Scannell, Joyce Price, Roy Feliciano and Amy Vrizuela.

CallOne supplies UCOP with headsets, webcams and other specialty desktop peripherals, many of which were on display at this booth. Staffed by Kim Dorsey and Regana Staccato-Johnson.

IT Accessibility
Just like wheelchair ramps and door openers for people with disabilities, everything that’s online needs to be accessible, too. IT provides accessibility testing and consulting to help departments make the content on websites, applications and PDFs accessible. Staffed by Yvonne Tevis, Judy Thai, Doug Harriman and Alexa Rivetti.

This booth showcased the new Project & Portfolio Management Toolkit, which features pre-configured project sites based on industry best practices, automated dashboards, and a robust project management learning module. Staffed by Dede Bruno, Halina Wojnicz, Debra Turnage, Nicole Terrell, Beth Burkart and Bob Fraysse.

IT Service Desk
Focused on customer service and efficiency, the Service Desk is a single point of contact for all IT needs at UCOP. Staffed by Sean Villa-Carlos.

Information Security Services
This group provided critical information security awareness messages and informational handouts, and gave away handy webcam covers. Staff was also alerted to UCOP’s security consultation service. Staffed by Julie Goldstein and Rebecca Nguyen.

Learning and Development
The educational possibilities offered by UCOP training classes and leadership development programs were showcased at this table. Staffed by John Blake.

PowerBI is a cloud-based business reporting and analytics service from Microsoft that transforms data into rich visuals for easy comprehension, pattern recognition and analysis. Staffed by Donna Yamasaki, Sushant Prasad. Assistance with PowerBI is available by contacting

Production Control Shared Service Center (PCSSC)
The UC Berkeley PCSSC provides Workload Automation, Batch Job Scheduling and Secure Managed File Transfers utilizing BMC’s Control-M and Linoma’s GoAnywhere. PCSSC currently provides batch and file transfers for UCB, UCOP, UCSF, UCPath and UCSC. Staffed by Matt Valenzuela and Laurie Graham.

Records Management
Records Management at UCOP provides consultation to UCOP departments on records retention and disposition, records scanning and storage, and document preservation. In the midst of updating their services with an eye to the future, the team wooed people to their table with a Star Wars theme including a towering Chewbacca cut-out. Staffed by Jackie DiOrio and Laurie Sletten. Contact them for help at

A cloud-based service that provides a collaboration, workflow, contact management and customer relationship management (CRM) service, Salesforce allows customers and developers to build and run work applications. For the education sector, it’s used for recruiting, student success, advancement, mass marketing and community engagement. Staffed by Bhanu Polakam and Hema Ramaiah. Assistance with Salesforce is available by contacting

IT Service Hub
IT Service Hub is the OP brand for ServiceNow, the ticketing system used by IT as well as BRC to manage core IT processes and the ticketing life cycle. This year, the team promoted use of Knowledge Base, which enables users to find solutions, articles and user manuals that address their IT needs. Accessible within the self‑service portal, it provides users with a “no-hassle” experience finding IT knowledge. Staffed by Nithin Reddy, Kalyan Vallamsetla, Aru Sunku and John Ruzicka.

SharePoint facilitates collaboration, information sharing and document management. It offers a secure, shared web-based repository for documents and other information, and includes version and access control, a search function and work flow management. Staffed by Hank Moreira and Ed Weill.

UCOP’s newest collaboration tool, Smartsheet is designed to unleash the benefits of greater work agility and collaboration by providing a powerful platform for organizations to plan, track, automate, and report on work. Smartsheet empowers teams to execute with speed and accountability — and make better decisions, faster. Staffed by Joe David.

The Tableau data visualization tool showcases the UC story through data in the UC Information Center. Tableau training is available for UCOP staff who want to learn more about this tool. Staffed by Candace Jones, Krishna Malipatel and Shaloo Jeswani.

Web Services
This booth showcased the website and web application support available at OP. Staffed by Allen Perry, Ken Lumnaokrut and Aymen Manai.

Windows 10/Office 2016
IT staff answered questions regarding the new Windows 10 operating system and Office 2016 product suite, and offered a peek at the next generation of Dell laptop models and docking stations. Staffed by Paul Anderson, Steve Pease, Danny Lee and Jason Smith.

Zoom is now the UC systemwide provider of audio, web and video conferencing services. Over 1500 UCOP staff members use Zoom, conducting about 6,000 Zoom meetings every month! Representatives from Zoom answered questions and shared expertise for hosting better meetings.

Other volunteers: Cynthia De Los Santos, Jay McGehee, John Ruzicka, Sushant Prasad, Steve Pease and Partha Chakraborty

And a special thanks to our BASC colleagues Juan Conrado and Daniel Estrada for the room setup and poster printing!


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