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10-Second Bio: Omar Byon


Name: Omar Byon

Title: Payroll Associate

Department/Unit: Production/ Accounts Payable

Location: UCPath Center at Riverside

When I Started Working At UCOP: September 2016

What I Do For OP In Five Words Or Less: Make all of the payments

The Best Part About Working For OP: Amazing and interesting team of people to work with, great benefits, and it doesn’t hurt that I live so close.

Something You Don’t Know About Me: I am a b-boy (breakdancer). I love being involved with the entertainment industry. I’ve been part of several music videos, and worked with many actors, artists and YouTubers. I have also been the main host of several live shows and events (some with crowds of 20,000+ people). I also love to choreograph and do dance performances.

One Weird Fact About The Town I Grew Up In: The TV show “Breaking Bad” was originally supposed to be set and filmed in my hometown Riverside. But it ended up being moved to Albuquerque due to New Mexico giving large tax breaks for the show.

If I Could Have Any Job In The World (Besides The One I Have Now), I Would Be: Screen actor and/or a show host.



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  1. aurora orozco October 3, 2017 Reply

    wow – who knew we work shoulder to shoulder with an entertainer!!

    I also break dance…

    if I dance, I break – Ha Ha! ( I wish I could take credit for this one – but my neighbor came up with it, just passing it along as I thought it was hilarious – and I could relate!)

    But back to you Omar – your creativity shows in your work here at UCPC too, finding a way to make the data conversion files work took some imagination and realization of out of the box ideas. great job!

  2. Maricela Cardenas October 4, 2017 Reply

    I enjoyed reading your bio, definitely learned something new about you. Break dancing was in style when I was growing up. You need to put a show for the UCPath Center 

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