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Why At Your Service Online (AYSO) is requesting your cell phone number

Protecting your online UC accounts is a high priority for both you and UC. As you know, choosing strong and secure passwords is one important way that you can protect your accounts. To add another critical layer of protection, UC is preparing to add multifactor authentication (MFA) for access to your UC Retirement Plan account information.

As an Office of the President employee, you already use MFA to access many UCOP applications. MFA protects your account by requiring another piece of evidence in addition to your password to confirm your identity — for example, verification through your DUO app or token, or through a code texted to your cell phone.

In preparation for the introduction of MFA, you will be requested to provide your personal cell phone number the next time you sign in to AYSO. Once you’ve provided your cell phone number, you will gain access to your AYSO account as usual. If you don’t have a personal cell phone number or prefer not to provide yours, you can check a box to indicate that and proceed to enter your AYSO account.

Providing your cell phone number is optional, but it is highly recommended as an important step towards introducing the additional protection of MFA to your AYSO UC retirement account.

For additional cybersecurity awareness information and resources, visit UC’s Information Security Awareness website.

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  1. Evera Spears July 3, 2018 Reply

    Will the cell phone number be provided to any third-parties?
    I think staff would appreciate knowing the answer to that question before deciding whether to provide their personal cell phone number.

  2. Link editor July 6, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for your question. UC Systemwide Human Resources protects the privacy of employee and retiree information, and provides contact information (including cell phone numbers) only to trusted benefits partners (such as administrators of UC’s health and welfare plans) to ensure important program information can be shared with their members.

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