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UC policy: No receiving or mailing of personal packages at the office

With the holiday shopping season upon us, please remember that UC policy prohibits both mailing and receiving personal packages at our offices.

UC mail services are for official university business only and draw on limited university funding. For security reasons, all deliveries, regardless of sender or type, must be processed through our mailroom, consuming staff time and university resources. In addition, UC cannot assume liability for personal deliveries.

This prohibition applies to all deliveries, via the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS or any other courier.

Receiving packages

We understand that you cannot always be home to receive a package. Here are some alternatives to having deliveries sent to our offices:

  • Make arrangements with family or neighbors to receive your package while you are at work.
  • Make alternate arrangements for receiving your packages:
    • FedEx enables you to customize your delivery to other convenient locations, such as a Walgreens store, with its “Hold at Location” service.
    • The U.S. Postal Service allows you to manage your package deliveries with its “Informed Delivery” service and request re-delivery of mail you missed receiving.
    • UPS offers ways to change your package delivery location both before and after an initial delivery attempt.
    • Amazon Lockers are self-service kiosks placed in shopping centers, retail stores and transit stations that you can use as a shipping address. When your package is delivered, you will receive a pick-up code and can collect it at your convenience up to three business days after delivery.

Mailing packages

UCOP staff in downtown Oakland can mail personal packages at these nearby locations:

  • FedEx Office Print & Ship Center, 500 12th St.
  • U.S. Post Office, 1301 Clay St.
  • The UPS Store, 1714 Franklin St.
  • Amazon, 4193 Piedmont Ave.

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