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UC investments honored for being among the world’s most sustainable investors

Anticipating what the future may hold for your retirement plan can lead to many questions, but one thing’s for sure: You can rest assured that UC has employees’ best interests — and sustainability — top of mind. 

In April, the Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative at New America (RAAI) released its “The 2019 Leaders List: The 25 Most Responsible Asset Allocators.” Developed in partnership with Tufts University, this ranking evaluated 197 funds around the world — comprising $21 trillion in assets — against sustainable investing benchmarks. Leading organizations demonstrated responsible investing practices that financed renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, clean water, health care and education. UC was one of only three United States-based institutions to receive recognition in the top 25. 

The RAAI provides a barometer of how the world’s largest financial actors are changing their behavior to address the planets greatest challenges,” said Program Chair Tomicah Tillemann, Ph.D., in an RAAI press release. “The intense competition for inclusion on the 2019 RAAI Leaders List demonstrates that sophisticated investors are embracing a broader definition of fiduciary duty and, increasingly, adopting environmental, social and governance considerations into their portfolio decision-making.” 

Read the full analysis by RAAI. And, learn how UC is making sustainability a priority systemwide through its Carbon Neutrality InitiativeMillion LED Challenge and educational programs, like Climate Lab. 


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