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How to share your event on the Link calendar

If you’re planning an upcoming event that’s open to all employees, be sure to notify the Link editorial team as soon as possible so that we can include it on the UCOP Link calendar! View our Calendar Guidelines for detailed instructions about what events are eligible and what information is needed. Then, submit a calendar event online.

FAQs about Link calendar submissions

How far in advance can I submit a Link calendar request?

As soon as you have an event planned, we can add it to the calendar — whether it’s a month away or six months away. We recommend that you submit your event as soon as you’ve confirmed the date, time and space reservation. By posting your event early, you can help prevent other people from planning competing activities.

How long does it generally take for events to be posted to the calendar?

Please allow 48 hours for your event to be posted. If it has not been posted within that window, please email for assistance.

What should I do if the event location/time changes after I submit it?

Please email for assistance.

What does it mean that events posted on the Link calendar should be open to “all employees”? How do I know if my event meets this standard?

Generally, the Link calendar is not appropriate for events that are limited to certain subsets of employees. Role-specific events should be promoted to the relevant departments/divisions through leadership and other departmental channels. Here are some examples for guidance.


  • Affinity group social event, such as a movie or ice cream social. Assuming all employees may attend (including non-group members), this is appropriate for the calendar.
  • OPSA Steering Committee meeting. Any employee may attend the meeting, so it is appropriate for the Link calendar.
  • Local celebrations of systemwide priorities (Cool Campus Challenge, College Signing Day, UCWalks, etc.)

May be appropriate

  • Special guest speaker. If the speaker is addressing a topic of interest to all employees, such as their cultural or workplace experience, it is appropriate. If the event is for only employees in a particular role (i.e. lawyers, HR benefits representatives), it will not be included.

Not appropriate

  • Social events restricted to a particular department/division
  • Birthday/anniversary/retirement parties
  • Off-site events that promote an employee’s external interests or activities (such as book signings)
  • Off-site events outside of work hours
  • Conferences that restrict attendance to employee subsets (such as the Climate Communicators Conference)


  • All Learning and Development classes are posted to the Link calendar.
  • Some privately organized personal and professional growth and wellness opportunities that occur during work hours (such as Toastmasters and Weight Watchers) are shared in the Link calendar.

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