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Here’s how UCOP staff are staying fit

Development Analyst Nicola Gruen recently spotted 15 newly hatched ducklings following their mother to the water during her morning bike ride on the Marina Bay Trail.

Last week, we asked how you’ve been keeping in shape during the shelter-in-place order. Here are the results from our UCOP quarantine workout survey!

Survey highlights

UCOP’s most popular fitness activity has been walking. Here’s the breakdown of our top five:

  • 7% — Walking
  • 9% — Basic muscle strengthening, such as push-ups, sit-ups and planking
  • 1% — Online fitness classes
  • 2% — Running/jogging
  • 3% — Active household work

Most respondents reported that they’re engaged in multiple fitness activities. “I need variety as I get bored quickly,” reported one colleague. “I do HIIT workouts Mondays/Wednesdays, run in my backyard for 30 minutes on Tuesdays, jump rope for 30 minutes on Thursdays, weight train on Tuesdays and Thursdays, do abs/planks on Fridays and do yoga on the weekends.”

More than 94% of you work out daily or multiple times per day. Everyone is getting at least some exercise though — the minimum reported workouts were a few times a week.

Recommended online resources

Many of you use apps and websites to enhance your training. Here are your recommendations and a few tips.

Your home workout experience

Many of our colleagues are finding that working from home has given them more opportunities to make fitness a priority. “I love that I can spend time working out that I used to spend sitting in the car commuting,” one reported.

“I miss my daily bike commute to the Franklin building, but now I have time for a pre-work morning bike ride that involves hills, which is much more fun than cycling through the flatlands to and from the office surrounded by rushing cars and disrespectful drivers,” another colleague wrote. “Cycling is much more enjoyable now with fewer cars on the road. The improved air quality helps me breathe better, too! I’ve been enjoying Shelter in Place, it has created a safer environment for me to enjoy my preferred daily activities! I’m also excited to see how the Oakland Slow Streets project rolls out – my street is one of the proposed streets, and I am beyond excited!”

And, some UCOP staffers are embracing creative solutions to transform their homes into workout spaces.

One colleague reported, “I am a competitive powerlifter and Olympic weightlifter. While I prefer training with my team, I have been making the most out of my training at home. Due to not being able to train at my team’s gym facility, I have built out a gym in my living room that is equipped with barbells, plates, bench, squat rack and other equipment. On Wednesdays, my team does a Zoom session where we complete our individual programming but are able to work out together.”

Another recommends investing in an exerpeutic magnetic folding exercise bike. “It’s better for folks over 6’2″ than many exercise bikes, and its folding capabilities are perfect for a small apartment/home.”

Thanks to everyone who shared their fitness activities! If you have more activities, workout tips or app/website recommendations, please share them in the comments.

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