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Lady at desk

Take a computer workspace ergonomics assessment

If you spend much of your time working at a computer, it’s essential to be aware of how your workplace setup can affect you.

woman looking into the distance

Resources to support your mental health

UCOP offers many resources to support the mental health of our community.

Man stretching on porch

LinkedIn Learning wellness classes: Reset for the new year!

Reset for the new year by taking time to focus on your well-being through self-care during winter break.

Couple cooking together in a kitchen

Feel-good holiday recipes from throughout UC

Whether you’re gathering with loved ones or seeking a healthy treat for yourself, check out these recipes from UC kitchens.

Man meditating

New six-week course focuses on mindfulness meditation

Participants of this learning cohort will develop skillful strategies for navigating challenges, stress and anxiety at work.

Connecting Black Doctors with Black Patients

Join BSFO for this special Health Wellness Week event featuring Joy A. Cooper, M.D., cofounder of Culture Care. Join Zoom

Attend BSFO Health Wellness Week focused on breast and prostate cancer

The Black Staff and Faculty Organization presents a week of events featuring experts in the field of cancer health.

Man wiping brow with towel in the sun

How to stay safe in a heat wave

As temperatures rise, so does the risk of serious illness. Here’s how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

New meeting scheduling practices: Breaks to support employee well-being

Implement these practices to support yourself, your staff and your colleagues.

Cozy windowseat with pillow, candle and hot cocoa

Feeling stressed? These resources can help.

If you've been feeling the mid-winter blues or find yourself frequently overwhelmed, you're not alone. UCOP and UC offer many resources to help.

student sitting in a tree

Four ways nature can protect your well-being during a pandemic

Green spaces are good for mental well-being, whether you’re walking outdoors, looking at beautiful views or even watching nature videos.