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2019-2020 performance appraisals will resume

In April, we announced in Link that 2019-2020 performance appraisals (for the period from April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020) were delayed, due to the significant challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many employees have continued to work on self-appraisals and managers have continued to write appraisals over the spring and summer. To date, more than 75% of self-appraisals are complete and 75% of employee appraisals are in progress. Effective July 15, 2020, we will resume the FY19/20 Performance Evaluation process according to the following revised timeline:

Updated timeline for 2019-20 UCOP Annual Performance Evaluations

Dates Tasks
March 9 Halogen e-appraisal tool opened for the 2019 – 2020 Annual Performance Evaluation Process
March 9 – July 24 Employees complete self-evaluations in Halogen. For departments using multi-rater feedback, feedback forms can be launched as soon as the employee self-appraisal is completed.
By Aug. 28 Managers complete written performance reviews and enter ratings in Halogen
Aug. 31 – Sept. 3 1st level review. Managers review individual/team ratings with next-level manager(s)
Sept. 3 – Sept. 10 2nd level review. Division leaders review ratings with department and HR business partners; UCOP HR, Operations review division ratings
Sept. 10 – Sept. 16 3rd level review. Chief Operating Officer and President’s office; UCOP HR, Operations review division ratings and UCOP distribution
Sept. 17 – Oct. 30 Managers deliver evaluations to employees. Managers and employees complete final sign-offs; all ratings complete in Halogen.
Oct. 30 Final sign-offs by employees and managers complete – Halogen closes to complete the FY19/20 Performance Evaluation Process.

Completing your self-evaluation and appraisal

Your annual performance appraisal provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your accomplishments over the past year, receive feedback, define areas of improvement and set goals for the coming year. This process is an essential part of the work experience and gives all of us a role in managing our job satisfaction and career development. The ultimate goal of performance appraisals is that at the end of the process, you will know where you stand and will receive guidance toward future success.

When completing your appraisal, please keep in mind that this appraisal covers April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020. Any work that has been completed since April 1, 2020, will not be considered during this review period. Employee self-appraisals must be completed in Halogen by July 24, 2020. Note: If you would like to revise a previously submitted 2019-2020 appraisal, please contact for assistance.

Performance appraisal resources

For questions regarding your performance appraisal, please contact your manager or UCOP Human Resources business partner.

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