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Fighting Zoom fatigue starts with you

Zoom fatigue is on the rise, and we’ve heard from many UCOP colleagues that they’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of Zooms during a typical workweek. Before you send your next Zoom invitation, consider what you want to achieve and the best way to accomplish it.

Email when:

  • You need to share information that doesn’t require a discussion, such as simple details or instructions
  • You’ve already had a video or voice touch base and want to outline decisions
  • You’re sharing a document that people will need time to review before chatting

Phone, use Jabber or send a Slack/Zoom message when:

  • You need to have a conversation with only one or two people
  • You have a quick question or need a quick answer
  • You’re stuck in a repetitive email chain (Sometimes it’s quicker to pick up the phone!)

Schedule a Zoom meeting when:

  • You need to meet with several people at once
  • You’ll be sharing presentations and other visuals
  • You will share important information that needs to be recorded
  • You want to encourage a deeper discussion with the use of breakout rooms

Remember: Communication is a vital part of doing business and getting work done. However, too much Zoom time can be frustrating and counter-productive. Follow these tips to be considerate of your time and your colleagues’.

Need a little help with Zoom? Register to attend a live training session.  Our next workshop takes place on Dec. 11 from 10-11 a.m.

And, stay tuned: Next week’s Link will include tips for more effective virtual meetings.

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