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LinkedIn Learning: Courses to help you de-stress and focus

2020 has tested our capacity to manage feelings of stress and overwhelm. And as we wrap up the final month of the year, which present their own challenges, these LinkedIn Learning courses offer a little extra support to help you destress and find some focus.

De-stress: Meditation and Movement for Stress Management with Desk Yogi

This course introduces a series of guided meditation and movement exercises that allow your body and mind to relax and refocus. Instructors from Desk Yogi lead you through grounding techniques to clear your mind while you’re seated at your desk. Practice the ancient art of Qi Gong, discover how to center yourself with your breath, and relieve pain and fatigue with stretching and massage. Plus, learn how to use acupressure to reduce stress and feel more balanced.

Mindful Meditations for Work and Life with Scott Shute

You can be successful at work while maintaining a calm, Zen-like approach to your daily decisions and routines. Meditation and mental exercises like visualization can help you manage stress and create the life you want. This audio course led by Scott Shute, head of the Mindfulness and Compassion program at LinkedIn, offers a practical and easy approach to meditation, including simple, short exercises that you can build into a regular practice—even in the minutes before a meeting.

How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed with Heidi Hanna

In this course from stress expert and performance coach Heidi Hanna, you can learn how to identify and conquer that overwhelmed feeling—so you can remain focused, productive, and in control in the face of whatever comes your way. Discover how to disrupt the stress circuit, cultivate calm and positive emotions, and take small, imperfect steps toward resolution.

Difficult Conversations About Politics at Work with Kwame Christian

Challenging political discussions are often stressful and can impact team cohesion at work and dynamics with friends and family at home. When emotions are running high, people struggle to balance their desire to express themselves with the desire to maintain functional relationships. In this course, negotiation and conflict resolution expert, Kwame Christian, shares steps you can take to structure and navigate political conversations.

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This article was adapted from the LinkedIn Learning blog.

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