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Here’s how to code your curtailment days on your timesheet

This article is adapted from the message sent to all UCOP employees by UCOP Human Resources Executive Director Nancy Pluzdrak on Dec. 18, 2020. Please refer to the original email for helpful screenshots.

Outlined below are the instructions for full- and part-time employees to record their unpaid curtailment days in the Time Recording System (TRS) under the UCOP curtailment plan, from Dec. 23, 2020 – Jan. 4, 2021.

While unpaid leave time is recorded during the winter break, the pay deductions for unpaid days will be spread equally over the February 2021 to July 2021 paychecks (six paychecks for monthly pay, 12 paychecks for biweekly pay).

Step 1: Determine your number of paid vacation leave and unpaid curtailment days

Reference the following chart:

Salary level Number of required unpaid days off Number of paid vacation leave days allowed for curtailment
$59,000 and below 0 5
$59,001 to $89,000 1 4
$89,001 to $118,000 2 3
$118,001 to $176,000 3 2
$176,001 to $234,000 4 1
$234,001 and above 5 0

Step 2: Enter your paid vacation leave in your timesheet

As you would during any other month, enter vacation on your timesheet for the full number of hours that you would normally take to reflect a day of vacation.

Step 3: Enter unpaid curtailment leave in your timesheet

You will need to use two paired entries using two different codes — an Admin code plus a Curtailment code:

  • The “Admin” hours should reflect the total hoursyou would normally work in a day.
  • The “Curtailment” hours should reflectyour number of unpaid hours.

These hours should be equal. For example, if you normally work eight hours daily, enter eight hours of Admin and eight hours of Curtailment on your timesheet for that day. The Admin code is needed to ensure your vacation, sick and service credit accrual rates are not adversely affected. The Curtailment code records your unpaid time associated with the curtailment program.

For added clarity, please note which day(s) you are choosing to take as unpaid curtailment days in the Comments section.

If you’ve been approved to work during the curtailment, record your time as regular hours. When you record your alternate curtailment days later in the year, use these codes and instructions.

Part-time employees

If you are a part-time employee, your placement in the salary tier chart and corresponding salary and time reductions, will be based on your gross salary. This is calculated by multiplying your full-time rate by your appointment percentage, plus your stipend (if any). For example, an employee whose full-time rate is $100,000, with a 75% appointment, has an actual salary of $75,000 and would be placed in Tier 2.

If you have additional questions as you fill out your timesheet to record your curtailment days, please contact the UCOP Payroll team:

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