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Get ready for your STEP checkpoint with a refresher on UC’s Core Competencies

The UC Core Competency Model is a foundational tool for assessing and developing staff, managers and leaders throughout the UC system. And, when you review your performance as part of your checkpoint conversation, you’ll be asked to review and provide updates on your chosen competencies. Access the 2020 Core Competency Model Here (PDF).

How were the Core Competencies developed?

Over the past two years, the UC Talent Management Consortium Workgroup — a collaborative team of systemwide leaders and staff — has worked to review and update this model to reflect how the university views talent and to promote behaviors that reflect UC’s vision and values. In June 2020, UC’s new model was endorsed by UC’s chief human resource officers.

What are some of the highlights of the 2020 UC Core Competency Model?

  • They include behavioral indicators and/or proficiency levels for individual contributors and managers.
  • They use clear, consistent, common language that includes observable behaviors for measurement.
  • Core competencies are the same for all UC employees, regardless of role or location. By using language shared with our systemwide colleagues to evaluate our performance and encourage professional growth, we will lay the foundation for the culture we want to build at UCOP.

How can I learn more about the UC Core Competency Model?

Attend an interactive virtual workshop on the UC Core Competency Model on Monday, Feb. 22, from 1-2 p.m. We’ll discuss the differences and connections between goals and competencies, and give tips for demonstrating competencies in your checkpoint conversation. Bring your goals and competencies to begin preparing for an impactful checkpoint. Register online now.

For more information about performance appraisals, visit the STEP website. For questions, contact

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