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UCOP information technology is adapting to meet new needs

Information technology has evolved to a model in which we now expect to be able to connect to anyone, anywhere, from any device, and at any time. We are as likely to check our work email in the cloud from a hand-held mobile device while on public transit, as we are from home or the office.

As technology use evolves, malicious actors are increasingly using sophisticated methods to attempt to gain access to our systems and data.  For that reason, it has become critical to ensure that our IT support units work together seamlessly.

Therefore, the IT Client Services (ITSC) unit, led by Shirley Bittlingmeier, will move to Information Technology Services (ITS), effective July 1, 2021, to align with the new fiscal year. In ITS, ITCS will be part the Technology Delivery Services (TDS) unit under UCOP CIO Molly Greek’s leadership.

“Incorporating ITCS into ITS will support integrated, end-to-end cybersecurity efforts and help ensure that UCOP is in the best position to anticipate and respond to cyber threats,” says Mark Cianca, interim vice president and chief information officer and associate vice president, Operational Services.

Additional benefits of this transition include:

  • More opportunities for cross-training and career growth for IT staff
  • Effective representation of UCOP customer needs in core IT operations
  • Easier coordination of initiatives across the units’ combined catalog of services

“Please join me in thanking Thera Kalmijn for her stewardship of ITCS, and Shirley Bittlingmeier for her leadership of the unit, both now and into the future,” says Mark.

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